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Domestic and commercial rewiring

When the time comes to get your property rewired, whether it's a dwelling, shop workshop or office, you'll want to be assured it's being done to current industry standards. The parts you can't see in a building are usually the most important, incorrectly wired premises can be extremely dangerous.
There may be any number of reasons why you decide to get a rewire, house age, refurbishment, extension, whatever the reason, it has to comply with current regulations to satisfy building control departments at local authorities. You'll need to engage the services of a registered electrician to carry out the work for you in order to make the process as smooth as possible and ensure compliance with regulations. At Wire Test Co, our core business is electrical installation, and in particular rewiring. Altering your house can be a major step to take and quite involved, but the end result can be very rewarding if you bring in the right people to help you. We rewire houses of any size as well as shops and other commercial premises. We can offer you free advice on the best ways to proceed with electrical alterations and, of course, free quotations. To give you some idea of what a standard rewire would cost, we have prepared the list below, it is based on using white plastic accessories, (sockets, pendants, switches etc), and is a ball park figure to help you budget your alterations. We can provide an accurate figure after discussing with you what your exact requirements are.

Dwelling  size:     1 Bed, access to all cable runs,  kitchen, living room, bathroom with electric shower, no garage or outside electrics.
                            £1750.00 materials included.
                           2 Bed as above  : £2350.00 materials incl.
                           3 Bed as above  : £2550.00 materials incl.
                           3 Bed as above with garage and outside socket/light : £2950.00 materials incl.
                           4 Bed as above with garage and outside socket/light : £3450.00 materials incl.
We can also install burglar alarms and smoke and Carbon monoxide detection systems as extras and if required, we can install CAT 5/6 networking circuits for video/audio/data distribution. The above prices are based on an average of rewires of the house size stated and with the house being vacant, occupied houses may cost more because of the extra work involved.  Special requirements or extra circuits can be included.
Discuss your requirements with us for a no obligation quote.

All prices for commercial rewiring are on an individual case basis and again, please discuss your needs with us for a quote.