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Working from home? Short of space?

Ever thought about a garden office? It's easy to get distracted from work if you don't have a dedicated space to work in. Perhaps a garden office is the solution you've been looking for... Separate from the house, you'll have the space you need to concentrate and get some work done in your garden with a log cabin fitted out as an office with full electrical system in place including alarm and cctv if you need it! It doesn't have to be huge, most home offices are about 10ft x 7ft, enough space for a desk or two and shelving. We offer a complete service to convert some spare garden space into that much needed office....or indeed, bar, television/gaming room, laboratory, workshop, you name it! There are a range of sizes to choose from and all you need is some imagination to create your own haven in the garden.


All work involved in preparation of the ground base, construction, wiring, fitting out and painting can be undertaken by us. This example here is a 10ftx7ft log cabin painted out in cornflower blue with white doors and white half lanterns set to operate automatically in low light. The inside is left natural wood and is wired up with its own electric use meter and sockets for use as an office/laboratory.