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Electric vehicle supply equipment.

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular as a result of their massively reduced running costs. Most manufacturers of cars now produce an electric version of certain models. They are the transport of the future and at Wire Test Co. we realise this and have responded by offering a service to install charge supply equipment. When you buy an electric vehicle from a dealer, chances are they will give you a lead with a plug on it and say that's all you need...not right. Charging a vehicle from a standard 13 amp socket is banned in most countries in Europe because it can be dangerous. 13Amp sockets are only rated at 10Amps for continuous use, and the length of time it takes to charge an electric vehicle from a socket means that there is a good chance the socket will overheat. Add to this the various problems with earthing the vehicle during charging and you have a predicament that isn't safe. The UK still allows charging from a socket, but that scenario is unlikely to last.

A far better solution is to have a properly designed charge supply unit installed. These are connected directly to the supply of the building and charge much faster than the socket arrangement and most importantly they do it safely. There are various considerations to take into account when installing these units and it is NOT a DIY job, it requires the services of a professional electrician trained in the installation procedure. Wire Test Co can take care of the initial risk assessment, quotation and if ordered, the installation and notification to the electricity supply company. We will provide a quotation free of charge and provide any advice you need to help you decide. Want more information? Please contact us using the form below.

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